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Lux Beauty Tools

The Lux LED Face Mask

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  • ANTI-AGING TREATMENT (RED LIGHT): Stimulates Collagen & Elastin Production. RED Light Therapy produces anti-aging benefits due to its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Research suggests that this may also reduce inflammation causing cytokines.

  • ANTI-BACTERIAL (BLUE LIGHT): Fights acne and skin blemishes. BLUE Light Therapy is well known for its anti-bacterial benefits and therefore used therapeutically to treat acne and reduce skin blemishes without harming your skin. 

  • SKIN DETOXIFICATION (AMBER LIGHT)Stimulates lymphatic flow which shuttles waste (toxins) out of the skin. This, in turns promotes cellular growth, cell-turnover and the production of new skin cells. The Amber light has also been known to calm and sooth the skin which can benefit those suffering from rosacea or inflamed skin.


    PROFESSIONAL RESULTS WITHOUT THE COST: Clinic based light therapy sessions cost anywhere from $150-$1,200 each. Enjoy endless professional treatments and get professional level results while paying less than you would for a single, in-office, treatment.

    Multiple clinical studies have tested and confirmed that LED Light Therapy is highly effective for a variety of skin based applications and used by clinics around the world.

    You can wear this mask anywhere while continuing your normal daily routine as a result of our laser line, in mask, LED technology. Our Lux LED Mask is feather light, highly portable and a single charge lasts hours.

    While our tool is powerful, it is not accompanied by long downtimes where your skin is beaten up. When used at recommended times, there is typically no down time required at all. 

    Recommended Use: 

    Before you begin, ensure your mask is charged using provided Micro-USB cable (est. 30mins)

    1. Cleanse skin then (optional) apply your favorite skincare serums, moisturizers, and toners
    2. Place the shield comfortably over your face
    3. Press the power button located on the left side of the device to start your LED therapy session 
    4. To change your light source, press the power button to select between Red, Blue, or Amber depending on desired treatment therapy
    5. The mask is on a self-timer in 15-minute increments. To switch to another color or to use one color for more than 15 minutes, click the mask on again using the power button and select your color of choice.  
    6. To power down press and hold the power button until the light has turned off (about 2-3 seconds)
    7. Wipe off the mask with a gentle cloth or cleansing wipe after each use and store in a cool, dry place

    Light Settings:

    Feel free to enjoy any selection of LED Therapy until the battery runs out. There is no limit for the amount of LED Therapy you can undergo. However, if you are photosensitive or light sensitive, begin LED Treatment in a well-lit room. The recommended time of use for therapeutic treatment is 15 minutes.

    Recommended Light Settings for Specific Conditions:

    1. Red: Inflammation/Redness 
    2. Blue: Acne/Breakout 
    3. Amber: Age Spots/Melasma

    To clean:

    Simply wipe with rubbing alcohol before and after each use

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    lexi nicole
    A+ Customer Service and mask!!

    Let me start off by saying that the customer service that I received was top-notch! I had issues using claiming my coupon from the pop up and customer service replied almost immediately with a coupon for me. This mask is pretty darn cool and is so easy to use!

    Very easy

    Very easy to use & it is relaxing

    Karen Burrell
    LED face mask

    Absolutely love this mask!! It is light in weight and very relaxing to use. I saw immediate results! Definitely recommend this baby!

    Joey Luera
    My skin looks great!!

    I really love my Lux Mask! I should have bought this sooner! I use it daily and have noticed alot of skin brightening using the amber light. Don't overthink it just buy it!!!

    Carla Dupri
    Big Fan!!!

    I saw Kourtney Kardashian wearing this mask but I wasn't too fond of the hefty price tag she was selling it at so I found this one. I was expected at best to get a cool Instagram picture but I was wrong! Wearing my mask daily has evened out my skin tone. I have way less redness and I swear that my dark spots are fading. This is the best skin purchase that I've made!