LED Face Mask Benefits

LED mask benefits are endless! It's the reason why you're seeing them worn by your favorite celebrities and all over social media. With all of the information consumers have access to these days, it's no wonder we're learning to care for our skin more than ever before. Whether you're new to skincare or a pro, chances are you're curious to know just how effective these at-home skincare tools are! We're here to share just how beneficial an LED mask can be for you and your skin! 




Clinic-based light therapy sessions cost anywhere from $150-$1,200 each. Enjoy endless professional treatments and get professional-level results while paying less than you would for a single, in-office, treatment. Not to mention it's far easier to give yourself a professional treatment from the comfort of your own home on your own time! 


Multiple clinical studies have tested and confirmed that LED Light Therapy is highly effective for a variety of skin-based applications and is used by clinics around the world.



You can wear this mask anywhere while continuing your normal daily routine as a result of our laser line, in the mask, LED technology. Our Lux LED Mask is feather light, highly portable and a single charge lasts hours.



While our tool is powerful, it is not accompanied by long downtimes where your skin is beaten up. When used at recommended times, there is typically no downtime required at all. Though it is recommended to start with one 15 min session to see how your skin tolerates the LED light. 



Red LED Light Benefits

The red LED light therapy is for all things anti-aging. RED Light Therapy produces anti-aging benefits due to its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Research suggests that this may also reduce inflammation-causing cytokines. 




Blue LED Light Benefits

The Blue LED light therapy helps fight acne and skin blemishes. BLUE Light Therapy is well known for its anti-bacterial benefits and is therefore used therapeutically to treat acne and reduce skin blemishes without harming your skin. 



Amber LED Light Benefits

Great for skin detoxification. Stimulates lymphatic flow which shuttles waste (toxins) out of the skin. This, in turn, promotes cellular growth, cell turnover, and the production of new skin cells. The Amber light has also been known to calm and soothe the skin which can benefit those suffering from rosacea or inflamed skin.