how to get the most out of your led skin tools

How To Get The Most Out Of Your LED Skin Tools

We're here to help you maximize your skin results by sharing how to get the most out of your LED skin tools! You're investing in an at-home skin tool so you should know exactly how to get the results you're setting out to achieve.

Choosing The Right Skin Tool

Choosing the right tool for your goals is so important as there are different tools with different features. There are LED face masks and LED handheld devices which can also have other features for skin firming. If acne or inflammation is your concern then you probably wouldn't benefit from a LED handheld device with other tightening/firming options. An acne sufferer would benefit from using the blue light from an LED face mask. If your concerns are anti-aging, reversing signs of aging, and fading dark spots then you could benefit from both tools.

Always Use SPF

Not using SPF, in general, is a bad idea. Not using SPF while investing in skin treatments is a waste of money. It would be like brushing your teeth and rinsing with mud, it doesn't work. Using SPF as well as reapplying is non-negotiable! SPF should be applied and reapplied even on the days you don't leave your house. Protection against UVA and UVB rays that come through the windows, and blue light from your phone and computer.

Post Treatment Skincare

When trying to "fix" our skin everything we do and don't do makes a huge impact. Skincare and skin treatments work synergistically to give you a better end result. Depending on your skin goals will determine what you apply after your at-home skin treatment. If you're struggling with acne then you'd apply an acne serum. If ant-aging or reversing signs of aging is your concern then you'd probably follow up with peptides, retinoids, and of course your pm moisturizer and oils,


We've heard it all before consistency, consistency, consistency! When it comes to wanting to see any results in general consistency is key but especially when it comes to our skin. So many factors can contribute to the health and well-being of our skin so it's important to take such factors into account. To start we'd recommend 2 days a week of LED light therapy to see how your skin takes to it and slowly increase from there. We've heard that every day for a min. of 15 min is the sweet spot!

Before and After Photos

This is so important as sometimes changes happen so slowly that they happen right before our eyes. We'd say every 4 weeks is a great time to update your photos and compare!